Feng Shui Chart Bedroom

Secara umum sejarah interior sendiri dimulai dari masa klasik, modern, dan post-modern. Masa klasik dipengaruhi oleh budaya (Yunani, Romawi) di mana masih mementingkan dekoratif seperti ornamen-ornamen. Pada masa modern day mulai muncul kaum kapitalis dan mulai ditemukan teknologi pada bangunan seperti beton bertulang, baja, maupun kaca. Pada masa contemporary ini lebih ditekankan dari segi fungsional dan keefektifan,. Masa post-contemporary yang merupakan masa di mana mulai ditentangnya pendapat tentang fungsional dan keefektifan. Pada masa ini mulai diterapkan tentang sense dan identitas serta karakteristik yang diterapkan pada interior.

This course supplies the student with an overview of the field of Interior design and how it is practiced. Students will learn about interior style as a career, the approach of interior design and style, the simple principles of style and the places of experience needed for a effective profession in interior style.

In the past, interiors have been put collectively instinctively as a part of the process of building. 1 The profession of interior design and style has been a consequence of the development of society and the complicated architecture that has resulted from the development of industrial processes. The pursuit of powerful use of space, user properly-being and functional design has contributed to the improvement of the contemporary interior design profession. two The profession of interior design and style is separate and distinct from the function of Interior Decorator, a term commonly employed in the US. The term is significantly less frequent in the UK exactly where the profession of interior style is nonetheless unregulated and consequently, strictly speaking, not yet officially a profession.

The exterior of your home has become as critical as the interior, with the reputation of outdoor rooms, and inviting backyard landscapes. The layering of stone, bricks, plantings, and outdoor sculpture creates the opportunity to design a far more private space. Lighting these specifics well is important to the space, just as it would be on the inside of your home.

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