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My predicament was a tiny diverse. I moved to finish a 12 year partnership with my long-time boyfirend. We lived in tiny N.Wisconsin neighborhood and I felt we would never ever end our hard connection if we lived in the very same town. I actually liked my job and my home. At the time, I was very burnt out on almost everything. When a job chance came offered in California, I spent each and every dime I had and relocated, without my BF. I did not genuinely think about if I could sell my home or if I must retailer my issues, and so forth. I just gave almost everything to my X….(even our dog) and moved into a tiny apartment in California to start my new job. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done.

Ahhh…. I hope I’m not over posting- I do not comment on anything, virtually- ever… I forgot to mention that when my house was what I would take into account haunted my electronics drained at an astounding price. My laptop would be at 5 minutes following it was totally charged. My telephone would die, my camera, and so forth.

By the way, my daughter is quite incredible. Less than two weeks right after having her ACL fully reconstructed, she danced (with help) at her senior prom. I have a little lump in my throat as I write this simply because I see, daily, what she goes by means of to attempt to stick to the doctor’s orders. The surgeon mentioned the 1st 3 months are the hardest, but he forgot to say how hard it is just to get started everyday.

My husband, Clarence Linwood Mason, was stationed in Germany from late 67 – 69. We lived off base in Linkenheim. He worked at Neureut, but we were often at Smiley to go to PX/Commissary, and so forth. I loved going there and we went to the Minuteman just about every single time the movie changed! We had pals that lived at Smiley and went to church with us (we went to a baptist church in Karlsruhe – it was a German church that our church rented if I am remembering properly) Can’t bear in mind a lot of of the names from Smiley – a single couple was Charlotte and Raymond Decker – does anybody don’t forget them. They had a little boy most likely about 5yrs – do not remember his name. We have fantastic memories and have talked often of going back – the lady we rented from desires us to come for a go to, so we have a golden chance. So far haven’t gotten up nerve to fly. Thanks for all the superb memories!!!

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