Geshe Tenzin Zopa

There are several roofing and home exterior contractors in the Cincinnati area and we appreciate you providing us your time to discover about our company. we have been working with homeowners like you for several years, who are trying to steer their way through all the details thrown at them when analysis of a project starts. we hope to earn the chance to work with you on your project as effectively.

There is far more to the gorgeous colors and designs of a Gerard Stone-Coated Metal Roof than meets the eye. For example, the lighter-colored roofs are made to effectively reflect the sun’s heat and decrease the want to cool your home in the course of the hot summer season months. Our dead air” buffer zone between your new Gerard metal roof and old roof also insulates against heat loss in winter months. What a stunning way to lower your power bills.

The wonderful issue is even while painting your roof they will not pop off from becoming wet. Be certain to apply paint in moderate layers so the shingles do not get it sopping wet and so the paint will not run. I will give a demo on this when I get to that step!

I am more than the moon with my new roof and so impressed with absolutely everyone I dealt with, and who worked on my roof. This was a heck of a project. AM Roofing effectively exceeded my expectations and had each tiny detail covered. Thank you so, so much! I am spreading the word….

Back to the story. Right after last year’s DIY move I will say I like this significantly better. Factors had been pretty chaotic, but Derek and I didn’t throw our backs out lifting and moving. Rather I checked off items and Derek drank soda on the porch. We felt pretty guilty…but liability says we have to let them do the moving.

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