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He talks about possessing children. Most males shy away from any discussion about kids until they commence thinking about becoming a father. Marriage and beginning a family often go hand-in-hand in the minds of guys. If your guy is throwing out prospective child names or talking about what a fantastic mother you’ll be someday, he’s absolutely thinking about creating you his wife.

I have had incredibly realistic dreams that have predicted ailments or death of loved ones (can count them on two hands although – so very rarely). A lot of years ago, I dreamt my mom had cancer – it was quite abstract in the dream – the cancer was on her stomach – like a black patch. The dream was concerning enough that I ran downstairs and told her that she needs to see a medical professional. It was very upsetting. She laughed at me and basically acted like I was sipping crazy kool-help. Later that week or the week following that (can not fairly recall) when I arrived back from school and both her and dad have been gone, I discovered out that she had had melanoma skin cancer removed at the hospital. They had hidden it from me, worried it would interfere with my school operate.

PS Moonlake – enjoy your writings and comments – most of the places you described were familiar to me during my short stay – 65-66… Oh, came back to the states ( Ft. Hamilton, released in NY) on the last ship – it moved on to the Pacific V. Nam operations soon after Aug 66.

In the early 1960’s I created many buddies with American soldiers and my favourite hang out was the NCO club in the Erzberger strasse. My brother and I had in these days a very good friendship with a Master Sergeant 1st class Picket and his family.

Oh Allie! It’s totally fabulous! You actually have a gift! Thank you so much for producing me laugh. Is helper dog nonetheless flopping about the house or has she come to the realization that life has not ended? I love that you tried spooning the straightforward dog to comfort her. Did you and Boyfriend take turns? LOL! I am glad I got to study this before heading home from perform!

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