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Permit applications have to be submitted and paid for at least 7 calendar days (a single week) just before the installation date. For example, an application for a Tuesday permit should be submitted and paid for by 11:59 pm on the previous Tuesday. This requirement permits time to approve the application and post indicators 48 hours in advance so that men and women can move autos parked at permitted areas. To apply, please click on the link at the bottom of this web page for the online application type or come to our workplace.

I lived in the military quarters in Karlsrue in between Jan. and June 1962. I do not remember which 1 or even the name of my teacher as I was in the third grade at the time. We just came from my grandparents home in Missiouri, spent a couple of days in a hotel in NYC and boarded the Darby for a wintry, choppy ride across the Atlantic between Christmas and New Year. At first we lived on the fifth floor of the building and moved down to the initial floor. Just seeing all of your photos brought back a flood of memories of yet another adventure of a number of as an Army brat. We left right after Dad was hospitalized in Landstuhl Army Hospital and sent to Walter Reed in DC. Wow, it always fantastic to see that somebody else lived exactly where you have as a kid. Once again, thanks.

At the end of WWII we leaved in a foresters residence in the middle of a forest some three miles from the subsequent town. I was only five years old and don’t forget the arriving of the very first American Sherman tanks. We exactly where only 3 females my brother and myself. We where all quite afraid. The first tank stopped right in front of us, two soldiers came to us with oranges and chocolates in their hands. I by no means saw this issues in my life just before.

Peggy W, We were told never ever to go passed the french compound since it was dangerous and they would crab young girls. I don’t know how true that was but we have been usually careful (I never as soon as heard about that happening to any girl). I never know exactly where the story started. We could see all the way down the sidewalk pass the compound so we looked initial than ran as rapidly as we could. When it was dark it was usually creepy even although there have been low light street lights. Thanks so much for stopping and for the vote.

Thanks for your comments J Fadely. I am glad to hear that you have been enjoying the Irish life-style, but I am sorry to hear about your immigration troubles. I hope that the Government sees sense and amends these ridiculous situations for retirees. Folks ought to certainly get in touch with their Regional Senator and Citizen’s Details Board to make their views heard. I hope that all of you that have been affected by this can join collectively and make a adjust.

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