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10 Simple Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Hardwood Floors

10 Simple Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Hardwood Floors


If you like wood floors, you know they add quality to your home. They are not difficult to care for; however, once they lose their lustre, it’s almost impossible to make them look new again.To keep your hardwood floors sparkling for years, check out the following tips for maintaining them. Some of the ideas may sound obvious, but they are still worth a mention.

1. Use mats.

Grit, dirt and sand are the enemies of wooden floors and timber floor sanding. They scratch the coating and consequently dull the shiny coat. To help protect the floor, use mats – especially at entryways and other high traffic areas in the home.

In addition, check to make sure the mats are okay to use on hardwood floors. Some mats hold on to moisture, and when this happens, it damages the floors. Use rug protectors to help prevent scratches and moisture damage.

2. Sweep often.

Bacteria is not good for hardwood floors. It has a tendency to break down the protective coating. Some substances can leave stains behind, especially if the floor has a water-based coating.

How often you clean depends on the traffic. When it comes to developing a routine, consider the areas that receive the most traffic. Those will need more attention than other spaces in the home. Where there is less or no traffic, you won’t need to clean as often.

3. Place padding on furniture legs.

Many people use felt padding on the bottom of their furniture if it’s not already there in order to prevent scratches. They are inexpensive and easy to apply.

4. Use a dust mop.

It might be best to use a dust mop instead of a broom when sweeping hardwood floors to guard against scratches. Mops with microfibre heads trap dirt and other debris, whereas a broom won’t be as effective.

Try not to lift the mop until completely finished cleaning the area. This way, the dirt stays trapped inside the mop.

5. Vacuum or mop on a weekly basis.

Pick a day to completely detail your home by cleaning baseboards and frames, as well as mop the floors. While some people vacuum their floors, others find it best to mop on a weekly basis. Because of the wheels on a vacuum, it’s not the best way to clean a wood floor.

When you’re mopping the floor, remember not to add a lot of water or chemical cleaners. Use a damp mop and a cleaning solution specifically for hardwood floors.

6. Polish once a month.

Polishing hardwood floors ensures the shine will last longer as it refreshes the wood’s protective coating. Polishing is helpful as a sealant and protection from those minute scratches. You can polish the floor in the same amount of time it takes to mop it.

7. Spring clean.

Once in a blue moon – about every four years – do a deep cleaning. With all of the abuse the floor suffers during the year, it deserves a deep conditioning treatment.

Consider stripping the floor and giving it a new coat. Take away the scratches, marks, stains and the original coat, and replace it with a new one.

8. Avoid direct sunlight.

Use blinds or curtains to help protect your floors from direct sunlight. Curtains should be long enough they touch the floor to help keep out sunlight. Turn blinds upward, so the sunlight goes up to the ceiling instead of the floor. The UV rays will damage the floor’s protective coating over time.

9. Avoid getting too much water on the floor.

Excess moisture will cause the wood to become darker, and any scratches suck up the moisture. It should only take a minute for the floor to dry after cleaning. Going over it with a dry mop will help to ensure it’s completely dry in time.

10. Only use specific cleaning agents.

Avoid vinegar and water solutions, soap-based cleansers, steam cleaners and wax. Although vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent, it will strip the hardwood floors of their shine.

Soap will leave a dirty residue behind, as will wax. Steam cleaners allow excessive water to seep in along with the heat. All will damage the wood floor.

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Find Perfect Windows Replacements for Your Home

Find Perfect Windows Replacements for Your Home

A window is part of your home that allow you to gain light from outside, provide shelther and improve the value of your home. Over the years, your window need replacements and improvements, especially when your window is no longer capable to shelther your home and have a crack. If your windows are damaged, especially when there is water damage on the sash or casing, you should consider replacing your window. Otherwise, the damage can lead to bigger issues with wall cavities and your foundations.

Nowadays, new window technology is advanced that allow your home much more energy efficient. However, choosing a new window could be difficult, you need to get windows that capable to take a lot of abuse and withstand strong winds, heavy rains, and freezing snow and ice. Iron Windows are also allows you to have better security and also stands out from your neighbors. Therefore, to help you purchasing and choosing a new window, today I will provide you a step by step guide on how to choosing and purchasing a new window properly for your home.

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The first step is make sure to determine your needs, design, budget and also window functions. This is the most important step, you need to plan everything beforehand. Since purchasing window is a big commitment and involve great amount of money, you don’t want to get a costly mistake to order the wrong type of windows. Make sure to write down your needs, design, budget and the window functions on your home. This way, you can ensure that you got the right windows. However, what things you need to consider to determine your needs, design, budget and window functions?


There are several types of material you can choose, you can get Plastic Windows, Softwood Windows, Hardwood Windows, Composite Windows, and metal/fibreglass windows. Each of them having each own characteristic

  • Plastic Window or PVCu Windows

Is the cheapest options of all, while having variety of quality. The best trait of plastic windows is that this kind of material doesn’t require maintenance except cleaning. However, Plastic Windows may look cheap and may reduce the value of period homes. Another disadvantages of choosing this type of materials is it cannot be repaired easily and can easily damaged especially the doors.

  • Softwood Windows

Is a windows that popular because the low price but having a good looks. This kind of material are looks good on contemporary and even on period-style homes. You can glazed and decorate on site, however it causing risk of double-glazing failure. This kind of material are also requires repainting every few years.

  • Hardwood Windows

Is a window material that more stable and durable than any other material. Its have natural looks and having a longer lifespan, Hardwood material are also able to be treated to be further stabilised. Generally stained, Hardwood Material Windows are great for period-style homes or classic style homes. However, this kind of material are expensive and can cost up four times the cost of softwood

  • Composite Windows

Is a windows that consist of timber windows combine with a weather-proof capping. This kind of material are generally used in harsh climates country such as Canada and sweeden. Composite windows can offer the look of timber, but it requires low maintenance

  • Metal/Fiberglass windows

This kind of material are generally using steel, aluminium and even combined with GRP (Fibreglass) to create a strong load-bearing frame and sturdy. Metal Windows can be supplied in any color and better suited for your home. Metal material windows are requires very low maintenance and look better than plastic material windows. However, metal material windows is not capable to insulating thermal efficiently as wood material windows.  The best metal windows that provides you with security and also durability is Wrought Iron Windows.


There are many options of window glass you can choose, however by specify the application and location, you can make decision much easier.  You can choose from single-pane glass, double-pane glass and triple-pane glass. Single-Pane glass is suitable for mild climates area and generally used in outbuildings. Generally, Double-pane windows are used to reduce heat loss, several types of double-pane windows are having improved insulating ability. However, if you are ive in a cold climate, I recommend you to get triple-pane windows. This kind of windows are sealed with a mix of gases such as argon or krypton. This way, triple pane window capable to reserve heat in your home more efficiently and can save your heating bill 2-3%. However, triple-pane windows are more expensive than double-pane. Another advantage of double-pane and triple-pane is a good level of sound insulation and less foggy windows.


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The next step is choosing the window style according to your preference and design of your whole house. You need to consider what kind of architectures and style of your current house. You also need to check the window look from the inside. There are several window style you can choose, here are few types you can consider

  • Casement windows

This kind of windows are generally tall, have windows pivot on hinges on the side of the window frame. Casement window are open like doors and provide top to bottom ventilation. This kind of window generally use for contemporary and modern look. You can get proper and unobstructed view using this kind of windows. A great casement windows can be made from wood or you can purchase custom iron windows to stand out from your neighbors and improve the appearance of your whole house.

  • Double-hung windows

This kind of windows are having two operating sash that move up and down allowing for ventilation on the top, bottom or both. Since this kind of window do not open outward, Double-hung windows are great for rooms that face walkways, porches, decks and wont obstructing.

  • Sliding windows

This kind of window are working by sliding into side and open half of the window. However, this cause this kind of window provide small ventilation.

  • Bay windows

This kind of windows are combining three or more windows together that angle out beyond the house walls. You can use this kind of window to place picture, pillow, and even pictures. This kind of window are providing more light in and give you extra space inside your room.  Bay windows can help make your room look and feel larger. Your room will look more dramatic and you can use bay windows for place to hang out or simply place for your dog to sleep.

By considering these, you will be able to choose the right window for your home. So, are you ready to make your home looks better by replacing your windows?

3 Reasons an Online Rental Application is Safer Than a Traditional Paper Application

3 Reasons an Online Rental Application is Safer Than a Traditional Paper Application

We rarely to see anyone filling out paperwork to provide information nowadays, and that is because of the convenience of online applications. This applies to renting property, because filling out applications online can not only be done from anywhere and as soon as possible, but it can keep your information safer than when you use paper.

Despite the dangers you may hear about internet security such as hackers and malware, the digital world is able to keep your online rental application in the right hands better than a physical copy or two can. If you’re applying to live in an apartment or house for the first time, here are three reasons to do it online.

Less Chance of Identity Theft

As secure as you may think file cabinets and record storage areas can be for holding paper applications, being in the physical world puts them at risk of being stolen by someone, whether it’s a criminal familiar with the rental company’s area or a disgruntled employee. Even if documents are kept in something as secure as a lock box or a safe, the burglar could possess the tools and knowledge needed to break it open and get their hands on personal information such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers and home addresses.

That’s where the online world comes in, because your application can be kept in a website that holds your information and uses web-based software to keep people from trying to steal it digitally. If someone happens to break into the landlord’s office and goes through the desks and cabinets, they will find empty drawers or drawers that hold information that doesn’t provide the value they were looking for. With no physical records for thieves to take, you’ll be able to wake up the next morning without finding that someone has made purchases with your credit card.

Keeping Data in the Right Hands 

Landlords need to have employees assigned to specific tasks when it comes to handling data, because some people are more qualified for information security than others. Some employees may be better-suited to hold applications than others, and when the wrong people have access to storage areas and other spots that hold information, that increases the risk of it ending up in the wrong hands.

With online applications, the number of people who have access to your data is limited. It becomes easier for you to save a copy of your application on your computer in case the landlord or another employee has trouble accessing it. Usernames, passwords and other information needed to access applications can be shared among the more reliable employees of the rental company, providing even a smaller chance of criminals being able to obtain your data. 

Saving Your Data 

When burglars aren’t around to steal physical information, human error can easily step in to keep significant data from staying where it should. We’ve all misplaced something important, whether it’s our car keys, cell phones or the TV remote, so an employee could leave a paper application out in the wrong place and forget where it is. A paper applications can easily be left out in the open, whether it’s at the office or at someone’s house, without anyone recognizing how important it is, and it can end up in a place where it might never be recovered.

With digital applications, you and the company you send it to have an easier time finding them. The cloud can act as a backup storage place in case the application website experiences security issues, and you and/or an employee can save a copy in a folder on a computer. This ensures that you have an easy time recovering your data in case someone forgets where they put it.

Now that you know the benefits of online rental applications, ditch the paperwork and switch to the computer so that you can rent an apartment or house knowing that your personal information is safe.

Protect Your Home From Water Damage

Protect Your Home From Water Damage

Water can be bad news for your home. It can seep into wood, lead to rot, and create situations that are perfect for the buildup of mold and mildew. Highlander Waterproofing & Foundation Repair is a team experienced in addressing issues and preventing problems from occurring. They’re based in Buffalo, NY, and service western Pennsylvania, western New York, and eastern Ohio.

Basements and Foundations

Whether water is seeping up from the ground or coming down from above, it can always find its way in the lowest part of your house. Signs of issues in your basement can include damp and musty odors, white deposits on the wall, rusted support columns, and discoloration of the floors. Of course, it’s a major issue if there is visible water pooling somewhere in your basement, either on a regular basis or after heavy rains. Issues with foundations can be illustrated by cracks, gaps, and sloping floors. Those foundation problems can lead to greater complications if left untreated.

If you’ve noticed something wrong, the company’s professional team can come in and assess the situation. They can identify the areas in which the water is getting in and treat those spots properly.

Lifetime Warranty

The Highlander company offers a lifetime warranty on all of their services. They guarantee that the areas that they’ve serviced will continue to be free of water as long as the structure lasts. This lifetime warranty can be passed on to the new owners without any hassle or additional fee.

Highlander Waterproofing & Foundation Repair is available to work with anyone looking for basement waterproofing services in Buffalo, NY. Their regular business hours are Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm; Saturday, 9am – 3pm; and Sunday, by appointment. They are on call 24 hours a day in case of emergency, and they provide new customers with free, no obligation inspections.

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Blending Decors

Blending Decors

When you begin updating your home or choosing a décor and materials for a new home, you shouldn’t feel you have to stay within the guidelines of a single decorating style. Combining two or more decorating styles enables you to create a more unique décor that epitomizes your style. Explore various styles to discover what catches your attention and what matches your definition of stylishly comfortable.

An Unlikely Pairing

One of the most common decorating goals is to create a home that feels cozy and comfortable. While minimalism isn’t popular with everyone, an uncluttered home is typically high on most people’s priority list. Rustic modern and modern farmhouse are popular decors that feature coziness, comfort and simplicity. There are several design aspects you can incorporate into your décor to achieve either of these two popular décor styles.

Barn Doors

It doesn’t come as a surprise that barn doors are an ideal choice for a rustic or farmhouse décor. Their simplicity, uniqueness and functionality make them a viable option for a modern, contemporary or transitional décor. They have the space-saving quality that is often a requirement in a modern décor. Their beauty enables them to function as a feature wall or focal point in any room.


The flooring you select plays a significant role in creating the atmosphere of a room. In a house with an open floor plan or one with spacious rooms, wide oak plank flooring can add a sense of coziness to the room. Wide planks are synonymous with old world charm and rustic design, yet they have the visual diversity to enhance a modern décor. Maintaining a theme of simplicity in a home provides tranquility. An absence of clutter makes it possible to showcase beautiful flooring and other decorative features.

When choosing decorative elements for your home, it’s best to explore options from various design styles. That gives you an opportunity to create a more personalized décor. You may unexpectedly discover accessories, furniture or a design feature that you absolutely love when you expand your search to all decorative styles.