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Blending Decors

Blending Decors

Blending Decors

When you begin updating your home or choosing a décor and materials for a new home, you shouldn’t feel you have to stay within the guidelines of a single decorating style. Combining two or more decorating styles enables you to create a more unique décor that epitomizes your style. Explore various styles to discover what catches your attention and what matches your definition of stylishly comfortable.

An Unlikely Pairing

One of the most common decorating goals is to create a home that feels cozy and comfortable. While minimalism isn’t popular with everyone, an uncluttered home is typically high on most people’s priority list. Rustic modern and modern farmhouse are popular decors that feature coziness, comfort and simplicity. There are several design aspects you can incorporate into your décor to achieve either of these two popular décor styles.

Barn Doors

It doesn’t come as a surprise that barn doors are an ideal choice for a rustic or farmhouse décor. Their simplicity, uniqueness and functionality make them a viable option for a modern, contemporary or transitional décor. They have the space-saving quality that is often a requirement in a modern décor. Their beauty enables them to function as a feature wall or focal point in any room.


The flooring you select plays a significant role in creating the atmosphere of a room. In a house with an open floor plan or one with spacious rooms, wide oak plank flooring can add a sense of coziness to the room. Wide planks are synonymous with old world charm and rustic design, yet they have the visual diversity to enhance a modern décor. Maintaining a theme of simplicity in a home provides tranquility. An absence of clutter makes it possible to showcase beautiful flooring and other decorative features.

When choosing decorative elements for your home, it’s best to explore options from various design styles. That gives you an opportunity to create a more personalized décor. You may unexpectedly discover accessories, furniture or a design feature that you absolutely love when you expand your search to all decorative styles.

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Blending Decors