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Protecting The Sprinkler System

Protecting The Sprinkler System

Your sprinkler system is a way that you can ensure that your lawn is beautiful and green. At times, the system can become corroded, leading to a delay in the water that comes from the unit. You also want to protect your system in the winter so that you have a green lawn in the spring and summer.

Shutting It Off
The first thing that you need to do in the winter is to shut off the water source. Freezing temperatures can cause the lines of the sprinkler system to bust. Wrap the valve that controls the main system so that it doesn’t freeze. Foam or blankets can be used for wrapping.

Electrical Systems
There are corrosion monitoring systems that you can have installed that will give an indication as to how much corrosion is in place. This will help you determine when you need to clean the sprinklers and if you can let them go for a few more weeks. When the system gives an alert, then you can use the proper materials to clean the sprinkler heads so that there is a smooth water flow. You also need to turn off the timing system. This is what controls the sprinklers to raise out of the ground at certain times of the day and night. You don’t want the unit to continue working if there isn’t water to go through the hoses.

Drain The Water
Most systems have a back flow system. This is what stores that water for the system to use. Once the unit is off, drain the water from the system. You also need to drain the water from all of the hoses. Siphoning is often the easiest method to get the water from the system. Drain the valves as well so that they don’t freeze in the winter.

Ready For Spring
Create a chart so that you know where the sprinkler system is located in the yard. This will give you an idea as to where you need to start working if the corrosion monitor goes off, alerting you that there could be a blockage preventing water from escaping the sprinkler head. Make sure you clean each sprinkler before they are used in the spring. A bit of vinegar can be applied to the each head to help keep corrosion from building. Apple cider vinegar sometimes works best. You can mix it with a bit of lemon juice for a better effect on the system.

Reclaim Barren Patches of Ground to Beautify Your Yard

Reclaim Barren Patches of Ground to Beautify Your Yard

A Common Complaint

Have you ever contended with unsightly “problem” areas in a yard? Ugly barren patches of exposed ground detract from the overall appearance of a well-maintained property. Consider investing in some high quality grass to correct this type of lawn care issue!

Probably Nature’s Seed offers one of the most comprehensive selections of the best grass seed products for addressing this concern. Depending upon environmental conditions in your area, some of these grasses may prove especially helpful:

  • Kentucky Bluegrass;
  • Fescue;
  • Zoysia.

Each specialized type of grass offers some distinct advantages!

Kentucky Bluegrass

Long renowned as a source of pasture for premiere Kentucky racing horses, Kentucky Bluegrass works very well in temperate climates with ample water and lots of sunshine. This resilient, dense grass sometimes creates lawns with a slightly bluish cast because of the blue-green coloration of individual grass blades.

Easily manicured and beautiful in appearance, this grass will thrive even in yards subjected to heavy regular foot traffic. If your household enjoys romping or playing football or soccer on the lawn, then consider investing in this type of durable ground cover.


Fescue grasses offer homeowners the option of selecting between taller, thicker blends of grass and very fine, thinly textured coverings. Some varieties work well in areas afflicted by poor soils or in higher elevations. This generally low-maintenance type of ground covering also endures foot traffic reasonably well.

Homeowners who select Fescue grasses enjoy another advantage. Fescue possesses considerable hardiness. Your lawn may recover after periods of inattention or absence. It can provide an excellent choice for property managers seeking to maintain lawns in rental properties which sustain occasional vacancies.


Do you need a type of grass capable of enduring periodic drought-like conditions? In sunny, warm climates, Zoysia may offer the best solution! It grows slowly and won’t tolerate the same degree of heavy continuous foot traffic as some other grasses, yet it does thrive in hot weather condition.

Zoysia lawns will require a bit of patience and gentle care during their first few years of growth. After the growing grass develops a secure root system, you may need to police Zoysia frequently to prevent it from invading adjoining garden beds!

A Beautiful Green Lawn

Whichever type of grass you select to provide a lush ground cover, the best grass seed remains the product most capable of meeting your expectations for your real estate. Experimenting with different types of grasses in a few barren areas sometimes proves useful as a preliminary measure. If one variety works extremely well, consider expanding its scope in the future!