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How Can I Tell If My Water Is Hard?

How Can I Tell If My Water Is Hard?

How Can I Tell If My Water Is Hard?

You can rarely tell you have hard water problems unless scales of lime or calcium break free form the pipes and are visible in your water. Below are a few simple ways you can tell your water is hard without actually testing.

The Water Will Taste Bitter

High levels of minerals in the water are what constitutes “hard water.” The taste will be somewhat bitter and a mineral water smell will hit your nose before putting the glass to your lips. Most people are off-put by the odor and taste of water that is too hard or soft. Soft water has a more salty flavor.

High Levels of Calcium Buildup

Look at your faucets and drains for signs that your water is hard. Constantly having to scrub away the white, flaking layers of calcium buildup is a sure sign that your water is hard. Adding water softeners Barringtong IL homes need will take a lot of work out of cleaning. It will also help calcium and other minerals from forming clogs in your plumbing.

Soap Will Not Foam

No matter how hard you try, the soap you add to laundry, dishes, and even shampoo will not lather and foam as it would with softer water. It is also harder to rinse the soap out and off of things.

Laundry Can Feel Hard

The clothes you launder can come out of the washing machine feeling rough and hard. It can begin to damage the fibers of your clothes and linens over time. Adding a water softener system will alleviate this problem right away. It will also save you a bunch of money on laundry detergent.

Realizing you have hard water is half the battle to finding a solution. You can add a water softening system that gives you relief from the symptoms of hard water and provides the level of quality drinking water you need for you and your family.

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How Can I Tell If My Water Is Hard?