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How to Tell You Have a Bed Bug Problem?

How to Tell You Have a Bed Bug Problem?

How to Tell You Have a Bed Bug Problem?

The explosive growth in bed bug infestations around the world increases the odds that at some point you might have a problem. Below are a few ways to help determine if you have bed bugs right now.

Are you and your family waking up with bug bites?

Small bites on the skin that are nearly perfectly round, extremely itchy, and burn when scratched are a sign that you might have active bed bugs. They prefer hanging out in bedrooms, but can also infest padded chairs and couches in other areas of the home. Bed bugs love to hang out where they can catch people napping or sleeping.

Can you see the presence of bed bugs?

Seeing a bed bug crawl across walls, furniture or on your clothing is a definite indication there is a problem. The detection is not always easy since they are typically fairly small in size. Hitchhiking a ride on your clothes or bags to move on to other locations is a specialty and one main reason they spread so quickly.

Are there signs of bed bug activity?

Check your sheets, pillowcases, and mattress for signs of bed bug activity. Small brown dots on the surface are tiny spots of blood they leave behind after feeding. Check the corners and crevices of the mattress and you find an entire colony hiding out for a late night snack. Bed bugs can also conceal themselves in the cracks of furniture and behind wall hangings.

Why You Need Professional Bed Bug Treatment

Battling bed bugs can be difficult without the expertise of professional services. Hiring an bed bug exterminator NYC homes, businesses, hotels, hospitals, and other locations depend on to become bug-free is a critical part of the process.

Finding out you have bed bugs can be distressing but there is a solution. Professional exterminator services can track down where they are hiding and get rid of them for good.

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How to Tell You Have a Bed Bug Problem?