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10 Simple Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Hardwood Floors

10 Simple Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Hardwood Floors


If you like wood floors, you know they add quality to your home. They are not difficult to care for; however, once they lose their lustre, it’s almost impossible to make them look new again.To keep your hardwood floors sparkling for years, check out the following tips for maintaining them. Some of the ideas may sound obvious, but they are still worth a mention.

1. Use mats.

Grit, dirt and sand are the enemies of wooden floors and timber floor sanding. They scratch the coating and consequently dull the shiny coat. To help protect the floor, use mats – especially at entryways and other high traffic areas in the home.

In addition, check to make sure the mats are okay to use on hardwood floors. Some mats hold on to moisture, and when this happens, it damages the floors. Use rug protectors to help prevent scratches and moisture damage.

2. Sweep often.

Bacteria is not good for hardwood floors. It has a tendency to break down the protective coating. Some substances can leave stains behind, especially if the floor has a water-based coating.

How often you clean depends on the traffic. When it comes to developing a routine, consider the areas that receive the most traffic. Those will need more attention than other spaces in the home. Where there is less or no traffic, you won’t need to clean as often.

3. Place padding on furniture legs.

Many people use felt padding on the bottom of their furniture if it’s not already there in order to prevent scratches. They are inexpensive and easy to apply.

4. Use a dust mop.

It might be best to use a dust mop instead of a broom when sweeping hardwood floors to guard against scratches. Mops with microfibre heads trap dirt and other debris, whereas a broom won’t be as effective.

Try not to lift the mop until completely finished cleaning the area. This way, the dirt stays trapped inside the mop.

5. Vacuum or mop on a weekly basis.

Pick a day to completely detail your home by cleaning baseboards and frames, as well as mop the floors. While some people vacuum their floors, others find it best to mop on a weekly basis. Because of the wheels on a vacuum, it’s not the best way to clean a wood floor.

When you’re mopping the floor, remember not to add a lot of water or chemical cleaners. Use a damp mop and a cleaning solution specifically for hardwood floors.

6. Polish once a month.

Polishing hardwood floors ensures the shine will last longer as it refreshes the wood’s protective coating. Polishing is helpful as a sealant and protection from those minute scratches. You can polish the floor in the same amount of time it takes to mop it.

7. Spring clean.

Once in a blue moon – about every four years – do a deep cleaning. With all of the abuse the floor suffers during the year, it deserves a deep conditioning treatment.

Consider stripping the floor and giving it a new coat. Take away the scratches, marks, stains and the original coat, and replace it with a new one.

8. Avoid direct sunlight.

Use blinds or curtains to help protect your floors from direct sunlight. Curtains should be long enough they touch the floor to help keep out sunlight. Turn blinds upward, so the sunlight goes up to the ceiling instead of the floor. The UV rays will damage the floor’s protective coating over time.

9. Avoid getting too much water on the floor.

Excess moisture will cause the wood to become darker, and any scratches suck up the moisture. It should only take a minute for the floor to dry after cleaning. Going over it with a dry mop will help to ensure it’s completely dry in time.

10. Only use specific cleaning agents.

Avoid vinegar and water solutions, soap-based cleansers, steam cleaners and wax. Although vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent, it will strip the hardwood floors of their shine.

Soap will leave a dirty residue behind, as will wax. Steam cleaners allow excessive water to seep in along with the heat. All will damage the wood floor.

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Fiancée Defends Craigslist Killer Suspect

Fiancée Defends Craigslist Killer Suspect

Cement has for a very long time been thought of the stalwart materials of the building & construction business, with a view to a forty-forty five% improve in demand by 2020. However on this interval of an increase in environmental/green consciousness because of an increase in world CO2 emissions, there’s a want for a extra environmentally pleasant constructing material to usurp the role of cement in construction.

In attending to know the neighbors and locals, we’ve discovered plenty of historical past of the city, start to hear the same names time and again, and have been constructing an alliance that we can go to for help, and likewise assist out when they are in want. Hours: Tuesday to Friday 10am-5pm. Monday and Saturday by chance or appointment. In enterprise since 1950, displaying among the best examples of American 18th and early nineteenth century furniture and related accessories, with an emphasis on the furnishings and tall case clocks from the mid-Atlantic area. That mentioned, this is not just concept. Klara has been constructing with hemp and testing the results for over ten years.

This is an incredible trait to boast about and as hemp can’t converse for itself, I shall be spreading the phrase! I hope that I can build my very own house out of hemp in the future! Thanks in your remark. While posting your listing is made straightforward through Point2, Craigslist usually moderates ads more carefully since listings are manually posted. Hempcrete walls, as soon as carbonation has occurred, are arduous yet slightly friable. The walls are naturally rough in texture with the likelihood of dust and grime turning into fastened on the floor. Generally, for ease of upkeep, it is strongly recommended that a breathable” finish be utilized akin to lime wash, lime/clay render or pure paints.

We in all probability will not make any special visits to town to visit pawn outlets, but when you drive by one and are in need of something it does not hurt to pop your head in. You might even have the ability to call ahead or use another nice method, get on their ready record. While hemp and other crops have significantly different harvesting and storing logistics than wooden, using agricultural fibers to supplement wood provide and in some cases displace wood materials has quite a lot of potential.

Adding a personal touch” in your advertising and marketing may simply be the key to getting new leads. Using good old-fashioned ink and paper forges private connections and engages with potential clients in a unique, timeless approach. We notice you won’t be selecting up your quill and parchment, however don’t be tempted to neglect the printed medium entirely. The meteorological knowledge adopted for each month have been taken from the weather station Lublin-Radawiec, Poland. The obtained information included the average out of doors and indoor temperature (θe, θsi), in addition to the relative humidity (φe, φi), represented in Figure 6 and Figure 7 , respectively.

Gypsum wallboard is likely one of the largest waste parts in residential construction. The United States produces approximately 15 million tons of new drywall per year. Approximately 12 percent of new building drywall is wasted during set up. Most drywall waste is generated from new building (64 Kitchen Designs percent), adopted by demolition (14 percent), manufacturing (12 %), and renovation (10 %). The National Association of Home Builders Research Center (NAHBRC) estimates scrap wallboard is 26 p.c by weight of recent house development waste. For a 2,000 square foot house, this equates to about 1.5 tons of material or about half a dump truck load.

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Since 1977, Tim Hansen has been purchasing salvage rights to houses and industrial buildings. In 1991 Salvage Heaven, Inc. was created to find and store these materials for resale. The debris from whole buildings used to go to landfills. Now, with Salvage Heaven’s nationwide community of suppliers and puchasers, we can fastidiously remove all usable constructing supplies before they are demolished and shortly distribute them to consumers at incredible financial savings over retail prices.

Kitchen Remodeling Cost Calculator

Kitchen Remodeling Cost Calculator

Galley kitchens are house-saving and environment friendly, however they’ll also feel cramped and lower off from the rest of your private home. If your small kitchen is getting you down, a galley kitchen makeover is probably next on your own home improvement to-do checklist.

Are you critical?! I have been ready and waiting for this and it is every bit as great as I had anticipated. Melissa your style is so warm and alluring and contemporary and welcoming and brilliant and comfy and homely and actual. I love that you took your time with this project and that you have talked us via the decision-making process. I stay up for reading more about it as you get to it. As someone with two (very) skinny larder cabinets I would love a peek inside your to see how you have used the space.

When reworking a kitchen there are many ways to calculate value. For most tasks it will be crucial to rent a contractor to finish no less than among the work. Often contractors are employed to carry Home Improvement out work on electrical, set up, and plumbing. Since many remodels will not be a true DIY challenge we now have adjusted the worth accordingly to account for added contractor charges. Using excessive finish finishes and upscale supplies are also a consideration to make when figuring out your budget.

The average price for reworking a minor kitchen is roughly $18,500. It will attain as much as $fifty four,000 to do a significant overhaul of the kitchen. It is indeed important that you’ll set your priorities right and so as, grow to be versatile, and be capable Fresh Home to keep in your price range as a lot as possible to finish the challenge. The average appliance installation cost is about $one hundred fifteen and $291.Below are the everyday kitchen home equipment.

App For Surplus Building Materials

App For Surplus Building Materials

There are some ways to search out free reclaimed lumber. If you know the place to look, you can find salvaged timbers which are free for the taking. Here are a number of ways to get the free recycled wood you’re searching for.

Although because the industrial revolution were predominating other values in structure new tendencies highlight the valuation of materials and ideas, linked to nature, as continuation if previous fashions, practiced earlier than natural supplies received progressively substituted by industrial products. Meanwhile hemp concrete is actually gaining world extensive curiosity, science is attaining important data to handle the efficiency of this innovative system, approaching optimum outcomes and sturdiness, required for its present and future applications.

Dale Bates: Principle of Living Architecture, a design firm centered on progressive sustainability for the final 35 years. Dale is overseeing the design course of for this building. If you personally bought the materials seperately from the contractor/sub, that is your property irrespective of any disputes/claims the events could have. You need to purchase and own the supplies yourself, even when you have to go with the contractor/sub to do so, and it may be a pain, however having rightful possession will at the very least mitigate any future disputes that will arise. James Johnson first drove by this place on highway 36 decades ago, and he needed to have it. People thought he was loopy.

Additional products embrace TideSlides, Slidemoor, dock ladders, vinyl dock bumpers and dock fenders, flexmaster fenders, fish cleaning tables (fish stations), pile caps / piling caps, WoodRx and Spa-n-Deck (Tropitech) wood stain preservatives and sealants, power Dining Room Furniture pedestals, mooring whips, cleats and line holders, piling wrap, pile wrap, fiberglass dock boxes, floating dock aluminum ladders, fixed dock aluminum ladders, automated Muro screw weapons, and Bowrench decking instruments.

Perhaps one of the beneficial characteristics of this renewable useful resource is that the hemp plant can be used in its entirety, and that a streamlined life-cycle evaluation yields positive impacts on the environment all through the growth, harvest, and production levels. The industrial hemp plant gives all kinds of high efficiency applications by the numerous facets of neighborhood design, and can assist strengthen our local financial system, return energy again to our local agricultural trade, and restore the setting as it grows.

In 2010, North Carolina-based mostly structure observe Push Design delivered to life a ‘breathable’ dwelling prototype whose exterior partitions are made from 12-inch-thick Hempcrete. Hempcrete is an eco-pleasant compound of business hemp, hydraulic lime and water that has an insulating value of R2.5 per inch. Windows closeouts, all first quality and some Home Rebuilders purchase backs, varied prices, 3’x5′, excellent product $seventy nine.sixty three ea. Madera, who declined to reveal the id of his agency’s California client, stated Hemp Technologies has consulted on three Hempcrete houses in North Carolina, where the fabric was treated in its place form of insulation.

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Fastest Way To Install Torch Down Membrane Palos Verdes Roofing Contractors

Fastest Way To Install Torch Down Membrane Palos Verdes Roofing Contractors

Best Buy Metals provides all kinds of steel roofing materials at a few of Home Renovation the finest costs accessible.

I wish to get a standing seam metal roof for our two-story house in West Haven, CT. There are three sections to the home; the main roof is a simple gable roof with one chimney on one facet, while the opposite aspect has a valley that connects the main roof to the adjacent section. I.e. Gable and Hip combination roof – The most important roof measures 30 by 40 ft in ground measurements not including the over-hangs.

It is also necessary to consider the additional vitality efficiency a metal roof offers. Since less warmth can escape in chilly weather and less can get inside the home through the summer, your heating and air conditioning payments are going to end up being less expensive and way more reasonable on account of having a properly put in metallic roof, with a nicely-insulated and properly-ventilated attic area.

The value of torch down roofing will rely on the roofing contractor you employ and the worth of the actual parts. Typically it is only barely costlier than conventional asphalt roofing. In exchange for the small enhance in price Furniture Ideas you receive a roof that’s more immune to climate and is less likely to change into broken. This implies that over the lifetime of the roof you will pay less in repairs.

Before you set your ladder away, sweep all of the debris off the roof, and then seal all of the uncovered nails in your vents and stack flashing. If you used stack flashing that has the rubber boot, seal the area where rubber meets the pipe. Avoid silicone (it will not maintain up) and asphalt-based mostly sealants (they have a tendency to dry out when uncovered to direct daylight). Our roofers prefer a product called Lexel available by our affiliation with It’s clear like silicone, sticky as mannequin glue and lasts for years. And bear in mind, these areas you sealed require maintenance—they need to be inspected every few years.

Through the ENERGY STAR program, EPA and the Department of Energy (DOE) help consumers and different purchasers determine probably the most vitality-efficient roofing merchandise. Roofing materials with the ENERGY STAR label have met minimal photo voltaic reflectance and reliability criteria Based on 2006 knowledge from greater than 150 ENERGY STAR partners, shipments of cool roof merchandise have grown to symbolize greater than 25 % of those producers’ business roof merchandise and roughly 10 p.c of their residential roof products.

Hi, I actually have a flat roof with tar and gravel that needs changing. I have been informed I need a torch down type roof which I am undecided is one of the best. I reside in Kelowna, BC the place the local weather may be very hot in the Summer and very cold within the winter. Not enormous daily temperature swings. We want our house reproofed in addition to we’re building a flat roof garage with deck on roof and walking on deck.