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Top Flooring Trends for Your Kitchen

Top Flooring Trends for Your Kitchen

Top Flooring Trends for Your Kitchen

There are a lot of flooring trends, and it’s important to know what they are. From eco-friendly materials to darker flooring, there’s at least one option that will look great in your kitchen. Even beyond the residential flooring Colorado homeowners can explore such things as cabinetry and countertops that will pair well with the flooring for an exceptional looking kitchen.

Eco-Friendly Materials

More people want to do right by the environment and, therefore, they are seeking eco-friendly materials. This means you could explore cork, bamboo, or even melamine for your floors. These are all sustainable, so they look great in your home. Plus, they aren’t using up valuable natural resources.

Matte Flooring

For years, glossy was the way to go. Now, there’s a trend where the floors have a matte finish. It offers a more natural, rustic look. The added benefit is that if there’s a scratch, it’s not going to show up as easily. You have the chance to add a matte finish within various types of flooring, including hardwood, bamboo, and laminate. These can also pair beautifully with matte countertops.

Extreme Colors

You don’t have to go with the natural color of wood any longer. One of the biggest trends is for the wood or other material to be stained or bleached. This allows you to go to the extremes, including dark colors or really light colors. You could choose a dark chocolate brown for the flooring in your kitchen and then a bleached out white for the flooring in your living room. The choices are almost endless. You can also incorporate complementary colors when choosing cabinets and appliances.

Whatever you choose, it’s important to know about the trends. You also want your personality to shine through in your flooring. By working with a flooring company that offers a wide selection, you can be sure to get something that looks great.

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Top Flooring Trends for Your Kitchen